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La sexy intervista "Helen" di HELEN

Data intervista: 06-11-2009
Nick: Helen
Città: Ferrara
Età: 42

RIV: How did you hear about RIV and why did you decide to put your contacts up for sale?
HELEN: I registered when the site had just opened so I still wasn’t as popular as I am now. At first I was just curious and it appears I made the right choice. I gradually entered contacts to have more feeling with the friends that come to this site.
RIV: Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?
HELEN: I consider myself a normal HELEN who loves to play with her body and tease the fantasy of whoever watches me. If this means being an exhibitionist then I guess I am.
RIV: Describe your bedroom.
HELEN: I think it reflects my personality: full of color, comfortable and lots of room. But I don’t think the furniture is as interesting as what happens when I turn off the lights…:)
RIV: How do you usually dress in your daily life?
HELEN: I love dressing in a simple way but always paying attention to details in my clothes. Of course it all depends on the situation. So I can put on a pair of jeans or a miniskirt without really thinking about which to wear. Usually in my day-to-day life I dress athletic and very casual, like a small top and tight pants that show off my bottom or a miniskirt. I wear boots, sandals or sneakers depending on the situation. That’s what people who meet me in the street see, not like my lingerie, always present, but not for the eyes. Anyway, teasing is always fair, the important thing is never to be vulgar ;)
RIV: Do you use a lot of makeup?
HELEN: No, not much at all. I’m lucky enough to have a pretty face so I prefer to wear very little makeup, mostly just to show off my eyes.
RIV: How high are your heels?
HELEN: I love shoes a lot so I have many different models. And the heel? How high? It depends on where you want to take me out this evening for dinner hehehe. ;))
RIV: What's your favorite kind of lingerie?
HELEN: If you open my drawers you’ll find thongs, culottes, babydoll, one-piece, thigh-highs and garter belts. I love white and black but also lively colors depending on my mood and the season. What am I wearing at the moment? I might even decide to show you later…
RIV: What part of your body do you like most and what would you like to change?
HELEN: My favorite parts are my eyes and bottom. My eyes for their shape and unique color: emerald green; my bottom because from my experience it doesn’t go unnoticed. If I had to change something I made fix my boobs a little. Anyway, accepting yourself for what you are is already a major victory.
RIV: What makes you mad?
HELEN: Arrogance, stupidity, ignorance and rude people. What I really can't tolerate is when people abuse animals or children.
RIV: How do people make you happy?
HELEN: With simple things. Want an example? It may seem trite but all I need is a lot of tender loving care.
RIV: What cliché bothers you the most?
HELEN: If I think that there are some clichés that are true it gives me the hives. I’ll give you an example: if it were true that beautiful women are always stupid I wonder why the same isn’t true for men? I think that beauty and intelligence are on different tracks even if they can often go in the same direction right next to each other. So stupidity is sexless.
RIV: What would you never give up?
HELEN: Chocolate, sex and freedom.
RIV: What kind of places do you hang out in?
HELEN: All kinds: pubs, dance clubs, candle-light restaurants. Wherever there is the right company.
RIV: Have you ever been to privè clubs?
HELEN: Yeah a couple times, but I don’t usually go to places like that. I was just curious, that’s all.
RIV: You go to a deserted island: what three things can you not be separated with ever (men excluded).
HELEN: I would never leave one thing: my little dog. I love her. I never go anywhere without her, especially a deserted island.
RIV: Tell us about a craving you recently satisfied.
HELEN: When there is something I like I usually buy it without thinking about particular celebrations. But I’m not a shopaholic and my last purchase was not much of a craving, it was a cell phone.
RIV: How would you define transgression?
HELEN: Transgression does not exist if not through the eyes of others.
RIV: How old were you when you did it for the first time?
RIV: What’s the weirdest place where you made love?
HELEN: On the rocks at the beach, in the afternoon. Were there any people? I guess so, maybe that’s why I kept my eyes closed the whole time hehehehe…
RIV: Where do you dream of doing it?
HELEN: On a beach in the Caribbean at any time of the day.
RIV: Have you ever had a lesbian experience?
HELEN: Yes, it has happened.
RIV: What are your sexual fantasies? Is there a particular fantasy that has never come true?
HELEN: How much time do you have to read my answer? :))))
RIV: What is your ideal man?
HELEN: I don’t have a specific ideal. When I find him I'll let you know who my ideal man is.
RIV: Do you prefer a man in boxers or briefs?
HELEN: Boxers, no doubt, preferably tight boxers.
RIV: What does a man have to do to attract your attention? And if he asks you out what would you like him to arrange for you?
HELEN: He should never be too commonplace and always have some self-irony. If he invited me out to dinner? It doesn’t matter where, as long as he knows how to surprise me.
RIV: What is your main weapon for seducing a man?
HELEN: I’m unarmed. I don’t think you need a weapon to seduce a man. If he doesn’t give in….then I leave it at that.
RIV: How do you dress if you want to be really provocative?
HELEN: I always wear a tight little outfit that is just a little see-through. Men love see but not see.
RIV: What makes you excited?
HELEN: A look can take me off guard. If there’s chemistry then that’s enough to knock me out.
RIV: What’s your favorite position?
HELEN: Doggie style, with a Helen twist….do you know it?
RIV: What’s your favorite preliminary?
HELEN: Long and relentless kissing.
RIV: And what do you like doing?
HELEN: Oral sex.
RIV: Do you dominate in bed or do you let yourself be dominated?
HELEN: Depends on the situation….both.
RIV: Does size matter in sex?
HELEN: Sure, whoever thinks otherwise lies.
RIV: Do you use “toys” during sex?
HELEN: Sometimes :)
RIV: When did you last make love?
HELEN: Two days ago.
RIV: Have you ever had a threesome?
RIV: Do your friends know what you do online?
HELEN: No, noone
RIV: What do your neighbors say about you?
HELEN: If they knew I played around in front of the webcam they would be curious to try. Hehehehe, but I'm not such a good HELEN in front of everybody. I transform when I'm at home ;)
RIV: Is it true that there are lots of people who would like to see you wearing a t-shirt with the RIV logo on your breast? :-)
HELEN: Ah! I thought on my butt! ;) Thanks for telling me! hehehe
RIV: Let’s get your fans excited: where are you going on vacation this summer?
HELEN: Definitely to the beach, but I still don’t know where. What would you say about organizing an RIV TOUR??? ;))

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